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It’s best to prepare some examples of the impact a failure in this area can have to the bottom line.This graphic highlights and summarizes the risk in not getting this right.You can use a client-side scripting solution like Java Script that performs certain validation rules before submitting the form data.

Having good data validation will highlight issues and allow root cause analysis to solve problems before they occur publicly.

You may well need to fight for the resources to perform these tasks as they may not appear to have a direct outcome.

Please refer to the section on pattern matching and input masks below for a full description.

Calculates a new value by applying formula to base_value. The formula must be a value acceptable to PHP's strtotime function (eg ' 1 year').

Since this is an item of type "numeric," it is automatically validated as a number.

The validate rules "required:max=4:min=0" specify that the element is required and must be between 0 and 4. However, if multiple rules are applied to an element, the validation process will throw a warning on the first violation and stop processing that element.

Data validation is important to the proper functioning of any application.

There are two opportunities to validate data entered via web forms.

When planning your data validation process don’t overlook these 7 key areas: Final thoughts.

Use your wonderful data to help the entire business beyond just counting licenses just make sure you aren’t peddling “garbage out.” Have some top tips or horror stories to share?

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.

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