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During dinner, I was amazed at a friend of mine who wondered how this was possible.. In fact, there are sites where e-marauders can choose from a variety of feeds being pirated from devices. Sadly there are people out there who get a kick out of spying on strangers and there is a trove of easily discovered, poorly secured cameras for them to peek through.On the Dark Web your website is a beacon of interest that needs to keep out both the bad guys the good guys.

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And then there’s the thorny business of actually selling real things to real people, with real addresses back in the well lit, real world.

In October 2014, undercover agents purchased a firearm from a vendor on the Dark Web marketplace Agora.

Memex was being used in secret for a year before it was revealed to the world but if the rumours are true then there are other, equally serious technologies being used out there that are still under wraps.

It seems that FBI hackers took down Silk Road, the Dark Web’s biggest and most notorious ‘Dark Market’, and they’ve been linked with attempts to get around Tor’s defences using malware.

In 2013 1000 alleged paedophiles were identified by Netherlands charity Terre des Hommes thanks to ‘Sweetie’, their sophisticated CGI lure that looked and acted like a 10-year-old Filipina girl.

Be in no doubt that if you’re a criminal and you’ve just realised that the Dark Web might just the safest place to ply your illegal trade, then so have your mortal enemies.Silk Road 2.0 suffered a similar fate when it was taken down along with dozens of other sites in a single day following a six month, 17-nation police operation called Operation Onymous.Nobody’s come clean about how the police managed to pull off Operation Onymous.No wonder then that no matter if you’re a toxin-buying teen purchasing poison from a police officer, asking a cop posing as a hitman to bump off an ex-employee or your drug market is shuttered by a police sting within days of opening, it can feel like the Dark Web is stuffed to the gunwales with undercover fuzz.And it isn’t just the real people that the criminals seeking refuge in the shadows have to worry about.The threat of exactly that kind of sophisticated operation is now being felt so keenly that it recently spooked the Dark Web’s biggest illegal marketplace into going offline.

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