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Richie told The Mirror this week that in the early '90s, during one of the most difficult times of his life --he'd lost his father and divorced his first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie at the same time -- a friend helped him discover the healing power of his own music."A friend said to me: ‘Lionel, I have some inspirational tapes I want you to listen to.' He handed me my own songs with certain ones underlined and I started listening to my lyrics -- this time from the point of view of someone who needed that message," Richie said.

From his wildchild daughter to the wife currently divorcing him for £165,000 a month, Lionel Richie has long had a tempestuous relationship with the ladies.

Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov Vera Bazarova & Yuri Larionov The only somewhat plausible threat to a Russian sweep of the medals?

Qing Pang & Jian Tong Though I’m sure PJ Kwong will have to talk about how fabulous these guys will be and how they could be a threat for silver or bronze: Meaghan Duhamel & Eric Radford Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch Alternates: Caydee Denney & John Coughlin, Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek, Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov The epic battle continues between Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Meryl Davis & Charlie White Mother Russia will make an attack for the bronze with Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov (and their craptastic Ghost program) Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Sloviev Though the rest of Europe will try to take bronze from the Russians through Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte Alternates: Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje, Ekaterina Riazanova & Ilia Tkachenko, Maia & Alex Shibutani Not too bad a roster for the GPF this year.

With 14.6k stars on Git Hub and more than 600 contributors across our products, we are the largest and most active open source team chat community.

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CL was 279 ± 184 and 272 ± 163 m L/min on these days.

CSF concentrations were not determined in these patients.

EMMA (absolutely destroyed Amy Schumer in Round One): possibly the shortest and best dating history ever...

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