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3 years later and I am now walking 5-6 miles a day.

A M, Henrietta NY 12/19/2016 I had a call today from someone who did not give her name.

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Big-deal Hollywood producer says our film perks aren't so great compared with Louisiana's.

The Paleo-diet is not so awesome, says anthropologist.

" and she lost 3 months of pharmacist income and the cost for signing up for Naplex again.

I was happy for her for passing using our study material.

Our study product does require some work but you will pass. I think having the paper regulations, taking notes and reading x 2 based on your recommendations made a difference.

I would prefer a higher score than 76 and most students using our study material do score higher, but 76 does get the job done. 03/13/2017 I received back a comment card that said the following: Thank you for the concise MPJE Study package for NY They helped me increase my score above passing! One suggestion to improve the quick cards would be to put each federal law and quick point on one card per law; therefore it could assist with compartmentalizing the law as some of them blend i.e. Overall your material was great and helped boost my confidence going into the exam Hope the information helps. Kind regards, A J, Waladorf MD Editors Note: 03/03/2017 Hi Colin, After failing the MPJE Massachusetts pharmacy exam twice, I stumbled upon Prontopass and figured, well, at least if I fail again I can get my money back. Sincerely, E E D, Charlestown, RI 02/22/2017 Good evening. No word on whether she will pass go and collect 0. Woman stabs boyfriend in the wrist over Monopoly, police say. I relied solely on your materials and used them exactly the way you recommended. Also, I have some questions/concerns regarding the poster quizzes.I would highly recommend Pronto Pass to anyone taking the MPJE! Firstly, the studying, although not moving as quickly as I'd hoped, is going very well.I passed with the highest score I've ever had on a pharmacy law exam. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I passed the MA MPJE. I already have, and will continue to, recommend it to others.

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