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When Andrew Ryan took over Fontaine Futuristics, he discovered the existence of the children.He found them appalling, but had to accept the necessity of their existence to generate the quantity of ADAM Rapture now required.

ADAM is excreted by unique Sea Slugs found near Rapture.

The ADAM producing Sea Slugs did not naturally produce a large enough quantity for serious research and commercial exploitation. Brigid Tenenbaum developed a procedure whereby a Sea Slug was implanted in a host human's stomach, and a symbiotic interaction between host and slug yielded up to thirty times the quantity of usable ADAM.

This produced a neurological impulse to recognize the bodies of dead Splicers as "Angels" to make the grisly process of extraction and consuming their ADAM-rich blood appealing for the girls.

Like many of the tools in Rapture, the Little Sisters' ADAM extractor syringes were fabricated from common items: large needles, hose nozzles, and baby bottles.

To make Little Sisters more effective in their task, they were heavily conditioned to see the world of Rapture very different from reality.

Instead of seeing the dark, deteriorated state of the city, they saw an idealized child's world, with rosy marble floors, pink or red drapings, and flowering vines growing everywhere.

Rapture public announcements introduced them as the salvation of the City, a reassurance of continuing ADAM production.

With the growing chaos of the Civil War, additional little girls started to be kidnapped directly from their parents.

They generally are immune to damage, outside of being "harvested", and have no offensive abilities.

Attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protectors.

The Alpha Series were a failed line of prototype protectors developed first by Dr. The main difference between the Alpha Series and the other Big Daddies is the nature of their bond to the Little Sisters.

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