Reject dating services

Large numbers of accounts have been abandoned by people who felt the sting of rejection and gave up.Your heartfelt introduction is just sitting there and the dating websites are strongly incentivized to conceal the numbers of the living versus the dead.Put simply, many things that are part of a painful process have rewards that balance out the pain.

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Romance, love, belonging with someone; these are worth some pain.

The positive thing is that the pain can be made tolerable and, with some perspective, you can learn from the experience.

The chances that the ball landing seamlessly in the web of your glove is not good.

The critical aspect of online rejection to remember is that these rejections are less than paper cuts.

Hopefully you proactively approach people you are interested in with messages.

Waiting for interested people to find you, is like a baseball player standing out in the outfield with their glove held out in front of them.While it is not the best way to spend an hour, at least you have no doubts and the other person had a measure of respect for you to let you know.The key here is to not plead, or say something negative.If you plan on trying out some online dating sites, be prepared to be rejected.Not once or twice or a dozen times; if you want online dating to work for you then be prepared to be rejected hundreds or even thousands of times.However, be honest; recently, a famous billionaire in the technology industry was dumped by his actress girlfriend and his comment was that “it hurt bad.” That is an honest statement, dating rejection hurts and to minimize that pain is to devalue your experience.

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