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The webpage would automatically refresh every three minutes with the most recent picture from the camera.

Ashley Hall is a jewel in the heart of downtown Charleston. And the vibrant learning community that together they create.

But it’s not our historic buildings and oak-canopied grounds that make our campus so special. Ashley Hall is a community that challenges, celebrates and supports young women at every stage of their education.

Ringley's innovation was simply to allow others to view her daily activities. She did not wish to filter the events that were shown on her camera, so sometimes she was shown nude or engaging in sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.

This was a new use of Internet technology in 1996 and some viewers were interested in its sociological implications while others watched it for sexual arousal.

We want to keep in touch, and this section of our website is your invitation to connect.

Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

Ringley's standard of living improved with a new larger apartment, expensive furniture and several business trips to Amsterdam with her accountant.

She claimed that the experience improved her self-image and self body image.

She added more pages to her website that included pictures of her cats and ferrets.

Her site was doing well as she stayed home and claimed her profession to be a "web designer" for her site.

Jenni Cam was one of the first web sites that continuously and voluntarily surveyed a private life.

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