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Persons licensed by another state as speech-language pathologists or audiologists who provide services within the applicable scope of practice set forth in s. The examination fee shall be in an amount which covers the costs of obtaining and administering the examination and shall be refunded if the applicant is found ineligible to sit for the examination. The board may make exception from the requirements of continuing education in emergency or hardship cases. Has held an apprentice license and has served as an apprentice for 1 year or more, or has completed a course of study, consisting of not less than 80 classroom hours of instruction, that meets standards adopted by the board; Any auction that is subject to the provisions of this part must be conducted by an auctioneer who has an active license or an apprentice who has an active apprentice auctioneer license and who has received prior written sponsor consent. Any auctioneer or apprentice auctioneer conducting an auction, and any auction business under whose auspices such auction is held, shall be responsible for determining that any auctioneer, apprentice, or auction business with whom they are associated in conducting such auction has an active Florida auctioneer, apprentice, or auction business license.

468.1125(6) or (7) for no more than 5 calendar days per month or 15 calendar days per year under the direct supervision of a Florida-licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist. The combined fees for initial application and examination shall not exceed 0 plus the actual per applicant cost to the department for developing or procuring the licensure examination. The board shall prescribe by rule continuing education requirements as a condition of reactivating a license or certificate. No business shall auction or offer to auction any property in this state unless it is licensed as an auction business by the board or is exempt from licensure under this act. The principal auctioneer shall prominently display at the auction site the licenses of the principal auctioneer, the auction business, and any other licensed auctioneers or apprentices who are actively participating in the auction.

No provision of this part shall be construed to limit the practice of persons licensed in this state from engaging in the professions for which they are licensed, so long as they do not hold themselves out to the public as possessing a license or certificate issued pursuant to this part or use a title protected by this part. The board, by rule, shall establish fees to be paid for application, examination, reexamination, licensing and renewal, reinstatement, and recordmaking and recordkeeping. The department shall renew a license or certificate upon receipt of the renewal application, renewal fee, and proof satisfactory to the board that the licensee or certificateholder has completed the continuing education requirements established by the board. The board may enter an order denying licensure or imposing any of the penalties in s. Any person seeking a license as an auctioneer must pass a written examination approved by the board which tests his or her general knowledge of the laws of this state relating to provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code that are relevant to auctions, the laws of agency, and the provisions of this act. 468.385(3) and holds a valid license to practice auctioneering in another state, provided that the requirements for licensure in that state are substantially equivalent to or more stringent than those existing in this state.

Persons practicing a licensed profession or operating within the scope of their profession, such as doctors of medicine, clinical psychologists, nurses, or hearing aid specialists, who are properly licensed under the laws of this state. The board may also establish, by rule, a late renewal penalty. A licensee or certificateholder who receives initial licensure or certification 6 months or less before the end of the biennial licensure cycle is exempt from the continuing education requirements for the first renewal of the license or certificate. 456.072(2) against any applicant for licensure or licensee who is found guilty of violating any provision of subsection (1) of this section or who is found guilty of violating any provision of s. The board shall not reinstate licensure, or cause a license to be issued to a person it has deemed unqualified, until such time as it is satisfied that such person has complied with all the terms and conditions set forth in the final order and that the respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist is capable of safely engaging in the delivery of respiratory care services. Each apprentice application and license shall name a licensed auctioneer who has agreed to serve as the supervisor of the apprentice. The endorsement and reciprocity provisions of this section shall apply to auctioneers only and not to professions or occupations regulated by other statutes.

Offer, render, plan, direct, conduct, consult, or supervise services to individuals or groups of individuals who have or are suspected of having disorders of hearing, including prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, consultation, habilitation, rehabilitation, instruction, and research. Knowledge of the nature of speech, language, hearing, and communication disorders and differences and swallowing disorders, including their etiologies, characteristics, anatomical or physiological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates, voice and resonance, including respiration and phonation, receptive and expressive language in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and manual modalities, hearing, including the impact on speech and language, swallowing, cognitive aspects of communication, social aspects of communication, and communication modalities. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any student, intern, or trainee performing speech-language pathology or audiology services while completing the supervised clinical experience as required in s. Appropriate testing to determine speech reception thresholds, speech discrimination scores, the most comfortable listening levels, uncomfortable loudness levels, and the selection of the best fitting arrangement for maximum hearing aid benefit when indicated. If no bid is received within a reasonable time, the item or lot may be withdrawn.

Conduct and interpret tests of vestibular function and nystagmus, electrophysiologic auditory-evoked potentials, central auditory function, and calibration of measurement equipment used for such purposes. Knowledge of the principles and methods of prevention, assessment, and intervention for people having communication and swallowing disorders, including consideration of anatomical or physiological, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates of the disorders, articulation, fluency, voice and resonance, receptive and expressive communication, hearing, swallowing, cognitive aspects of communication, social aspects of communication, and communication modalities. A licensed audiologist who fits and sells hearing aids shall obtain the following medical clearance: If, upon inspection of the ear canal with an otoscope in the common procedure of fitting a hearing aid and upon interrogation of the client, there is any recent history of infection or any observable anomaly, the client shall be instructed to see a physician, and a hearing aid shall not be fitted until medical clearance is obtained for the condition noted. If an auction has been advertised as absolute, no bid shall be accepted from the owner of the property or from someone acting on behalf of the owner unless the right to bid is specifically permitted by law.

When the client has requested an itemized list of prices, the receipt shall also provide an itemization of the total purchase price, including, but not limited to, the cost of the aid, ear mold, batteries, and other accessories, and the cost of any services. Failure to account for or to pay or return, within a reasonable time not to exceed 30 days, money or property belonging to another which has come into the control of an auctioneer or auction business through an auction.

Notice of the availability of this service must be displayed in a conspicuous manner in the office. Commingling money or property of another person with his or her own.

At least one of the two shall be a hearing aid user. Such request shall be documented by a waiver which includes the written notice and is signed by the licensee and the client prior to the testing. These standards shall be designed to ensure that nursing home administrators are individuals of good character and otherwise suitable and, by training or experience in the field of institutional administration, qualified to serve as nursing home administrators. The escrow or trust account must be reconciled monthly with the bank statement.

As the terms of the initial members expire, the Governor shall appoint successors who meet the requirements of subsection (2) for terms of 4 years. The waiver shall be executed on a form provided by the department. Issue licenses to qualified individuals meeting the standards of the board and revoke or suspend licenses previously issued by the board when the individual holding such license is determined to have failed to conform substantially to the requirements of such standards. A signed and dated record shall be maintained for a 2-year period and be available for inspection by the department or at the request of the board.

No hearing aid may be sold to any person unless both the packaging containing the hearing aid and the contract provided pursuant to subsection (2) carry the following disclaimer in 10-point or larger type: “A hearing aid will not restore normal hearing, nor will it prevent further hearing loss.”A person selling a hearing aid in this state must provide the buyer with written notice of a 30-day trial period and money-back guarantee. Proof of such restitution shall be a signed and notarized release executed by the consumer or the consumer’s estate.

The guarantee must permit the purchaser to cancel the purchase for a valid reason as defined by rule of the board within 30 days after receiving the hearing aid, by returning the hearing aid or mailing written notice of cancellation to the seller. Any auctioneer, apprentice, or auction business or any owner or manager thereof, or, in the case of corporate ownership, any substantial stockholder of the corporation owning the auction business, who operates without an active license or violates s. The Chief Financial Officer shall invest the money not currently needed to meet the obligations of the fund in the same manner as other public funds may be invested.

Any licensee who fits and sells a hearing aid shall, at the time of delivery, provide the purchaser with a receipt containing the seller’s signature, the address of his or her regular place of business, and his or her license or certification number, if applicable, together with the brand, model, manufacturer or manufacturer’s identification code, and serial number of the hearing aid furnished and the amount charged for the hearing aid. The department shall not issue a license to any applicant who is under investigation in this state or another jurisdiction for an offense which would constitute a violation of s. Said fee may be charged at the time of application for initial certification and at the time of application for recertification. No licensed auctioneer, apprentice, or auction business may disseminate or cause to be disseminated any advertisement or advertising which is false, deceptive, misleading, or untruthful.

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