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This move comes as a result of the FCC attempting to address systemic issues with fraud and overspending, created in part by a lack of oversight over phone and broadband providers.

While the intentions are valid, it comes at the cost of low-income residents that are in need of affordable phone and broadband service.

Additionally, the FCC is also attempting to repeal existing net neutrality rules.

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Many of these processes are now only available online, unless the user is willing and able to travel or pay additional fees.

Kansas City's students and schools could face even greater hurdles, no longer having access to the full world wide web, but rather a selection of sites made available by the ISPs, depriving them of a 21st century education.

By failing to address these divides with effective policy, 30-50% of our citizens will find it more difficult to maximize their potential.

That's why last year, Kansas City implemented our Digital Equity Strategic Plan, which aims to make KC a more digitally inclusive community.

Home associations do not allow homeowners to have their own storage buildings.

There are reasons that home associations do not allow them.Unfortunately, our digital inclusion efforts will be severely hampered by the FCC's recent actions regarding the Lifeline program and net neutrality rules.The FCC voted to substantially cut funding to Lifeline, which has provided critical discounted phone and Internet services to low-income Americans, including 171,984 Missouri households.ISPs would have the ability to, in effect, censor content based on their business interests.These policy changes further demonstrate that under FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC's policies increasingly focus on aiding the ISPs, often to the detriment of public.These homeowners are going outside of the county to store their items. Driving that success is the idea that Smart Cities are inclusive cities.

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