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Robert Morris, the future signer of the Declaration of Independence, left Liverpool in 1748 at the age of 14 and joined his father in Maryland.Robert was tutored by the Reverend William Gordon but completed only one year of formal education.He was also worried that the colonists were not really prepared for a war with the superpower of the day.

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Around this time Charles Willing retired and his son, Thomas Willing, took over.

Thomas offered Robert a partnership position and they started the firm of Willing, Morris & Co.

He immigrated to America and began building a successful career in Oxford, Maryland.

He came to Maryland about 1738 as agent for Foster, Cunliffe and Sons of Liverpool, for whom he purchased and shipped baled leaf tobacco to England.

By this action Philadelphia avoided the kind of violence that occurred in the case of the Boston Tea Party.

After the war began at Lexington and Concord, Morris’ company brought in weapons and powder for the militia, while his shipping contacts sent him information about English troop movements.

As he left the ship in a small boat, a farewell salute was fired from the ship and wadding from the shot burst through the side of the boat and severely injured him.

As a result of the accident, he died of blood poisoning on July 12, 1750.

Robert Morris was born on January 31, 1734 in Liverpool, England, the son of Robert Morris, Sr. Robert’s mother died when he was two and he was brought up by his maternal grandmother.

His father, Robert Morris, Sr., was born at Liverpool in 1700 and was an ironworker.

with three ships, which they sent to the West Indies and England, exporting American goods and importing British cargo. Robert’s relationship with the Company continued for nearly 40 years, and at the height of his success, he was ranked by the Encyclopedia of American Wealth, along with Charles Carroll of Carrollton, as the two wealthiest signers among the 56 signers of the Declaration.

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