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Also added in some basic info on Clauses, for those people who aren't smart enough to read the NB stuff. 10-2-04 v1.40 - I suppose I should update this every now and then, just to say that this guide is still the only one that is "constantly updated" RSBot is an IRC-based battle simulator.

It runs through any IRC client - the tutorial above shows how to use one of the easiest clients, m IRC.

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===== Netbattle (S2.2) Please make sure you only download Netbattle from or the mirror on smogon.

There have been many spoofed downloads sprouting up around the net that contain viruses.

RSBot is one of the competitive mediums used for battling online, filled with many people who are both creative and smart enough to help change the metagame.

It is from these people that I take many of these movesets.

As opposed to RSBot's completely text-based system, Netbattle has pretty graphics and an easy-to-use GUI interface that is, well, easy to use.

Often cited as weaker when compared to the bots, but after the bots were down, many botters migrated to Netbattle. ============================================================================== Table of Contents ==========================================================================S3.0 Revision Info (S1.0) Online Battling (S2.0) - RSBot (S2.1) - Netbattle (S2.2) Table of Contents (S3.0) Introduction (S4.0) Notes (S5.0) Team Building Basics (S6.0) - Hidden Power (S6.1) - HP 70 Listings (S6.2) - EV Spreads (S6.3) - Speed EVs (S6.4) - Natures (S6.5) - Items (S6.6) Jargon (S7.0) - Attacks (S7.1) - Team Building (S7.2) - Items (S7.3) - Pokemon Archetypes (S7.4) - Team Archetypes (S7.5) - Movesets (S7.6) - In Battle (S7.7) - Battle Clauses (S7.8) - Pokemon Nicknames (S7.9) Pokemon Classifications (S8.0) - 00ber List (S8.1) - Legendary List (S8.2) - UU List (S8.3) Movesets (S9.0) To Do List (S10.0) Credits (S11.0) Contact Info (S12.0) Copyright (S13.0) End (S14.0) If you would like to find something, please do a Ctrl-F search for the text WITHIN the parenthesis.

============================================================================== Introduction ==========================================================================S4.0 Welcome to my moveset guide for Pokemon FRLG.

This guide is NOT a walkthrough or FAQ for this game.

The format is much the same as any other IRC client, although IIRC you need to go into options to set the server. And finally, we have Star Scream's Java IRC Client.

A third option for those people who don't want to download anything at all to their comps.

If you are unable to download m IRC or otherwise can't get it to work, you may try Trillian.

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