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Early societies thought pointing at them meant you were trying to cast an evil spell or hex on them.

A man always carried a sword on his left side—easier to grasp it with his right hand—so keeping his lady to his right meant he was less likely to stab her accidentally.

Even when swords fell out of fashion, men liked to position themselves closer to the street, to protect their feminine partners from imminent dangers, like runaway carriages and horse poop.

Unless by “germs” you mean “the devil.” In ancient Rome, opening your mouth without protection was just asking for trouble.

Some reported encountering yawning dogs, which caused them to yawn, and then the dog “disappeared from sight and I was seized with fever and my face was turned round backwards.” Think about that the next time you cover your mouth while yawning. If you’re yawning too much, you should work on your sleep by learning the 11 Doctor-Approved Secrets For Falling Asleep Faster Tonight.

This traditional greeting has been around since the 5th Century BC, back when carrying swords was a common as cell phones are today.

Weapons were usually kept on a person’s left side in a scabbard, a fancy sheath made of leather or metal, where they could be easily pulled out.The bride’s family paid for the party because everything about a wedding was a negotiation.Nothing about that antiquated idea of marriage is true anymore…There must be something in our collective DNA that still remembers fighting for every forkful, and getting angry when someone tries to nudge us away from the good meat with his elbows.Pretty much every culture is anti-pointing; some countries just consider it rude, and others consider it a moral offense.A marriage wasn’t always about a man and woman declaring their love in front of their friends and family.

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