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Thought-provoking articles about our ancient history and the importance of our creation in God's own image and fall from grace.Each new false religion of the post-Flood period has sought to detract from our Creator and from our responsibilities in this life; evolution's effect is no different and it (macro-evolution) continues to lack any scientific substance. And study as needed, especially since the media continues to report this issue inaccurately.

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Creation scientists claim that Genesis is the word of Abraham's god [AG] and thus infallibly true.

They also claim that Genesis contradicts the Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution.

Other main players in this movement are Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the folks at Creation Ministries Internatonal.

Despite the fact that 99.99% of the scientific community considers evolution of species from other species to be a fact, the creation scientists proclaim that evolution is not a fact but just a theory, and that it is false.

Creationism is a religious metaphysical belief which claims that a supernatural being created the universe.

Creation Science is a pseudoscientific notion which claims that (a) the stories in Genesis are accurate accounts of the origin of the universe and life on Earth, and (b) Genesis is incompatible with the Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution.Creation by God supports every one of the laws and principles of science, as cited in these lessons. Every so-called scientific fact in support of the general theory of (macro-)evolution from atheistic and anti-theistic scientists is not testable-repeatable.We do not know how the Creator created, what processes He used, for He used processes which are not now operating anywhere in the natural universe.After all, they note, the entire scientific community has been wrong before. For example, at one time the geologists were all wrong about the origin of continents. Now they believe that the earth consists of plates.The theory of plate tectonics has replaced the old theory, which is now known to be false.I have written a number of articles under the series title: Answers to my Evolutionist Friends.

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