Dating in a small town

You go out for a beer with a guy that you meet on OKCupid, only to come home to find the following message from another guy. A few months ago you received a message that said, “” You haven’t met either of these guys in real life. Despite it’s drawbacks, you realize that dating “off the grid” is even more terrifying than dating people in your social circle.

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This is off topic, but #2 is a bonus of being in a small town, I think (although, I guess only when you're raised there, before everyone has already coupled up). More choices just make it easier to be more picky and less realistic.

Less choices, in my opinion, means that people aren't going to be waiting around for Mr. No one is ever gong to be 100% perfect 100% of the time, but when people have so many options, it's easy to leave a relationship when the going gets even a little tough, and move on to the next person. Don't know if it's because I grew up in a small town, but I'm not that private, and I really don't care who knows my business.

Why is it harder to meet single women in small towns?

Well, it's a two-fold answer: 1) There are just less women in small towns than there are in larger cities.

Online dating for rural and small-town settings sounds like a clever idea in principle, but if a potential mate is difficult to find in real life, what would motivate him/her to advertise online?

I don't know, I think online dating is becoming more prevalent.

(image credit) You have conversations that sound like this: Ryan: “I can’t date you because you dated John.” John: “I can’t date you because you dated my friend Ryan.” You try and explain, “But Ryan and I never dated. However, sometimes dating in a small town can make you feel like you’re wearing a scarlet letter.

He just sends me really weird photos of his penis, and I’m not sure why.” However, it’s no use. You feel like a double standard is at play and you can’t help but wonder if things would be different if you were a man. This hits home when you bump into Fitness Guy at your local Thrifty Foods.

You spend the first year in Victoria mostly hanging out with your best friend and being an honorary senior citizen. However, you quickly learn that this is a far cry from reality.

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