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Mc Donald’s was Kroc’s destiny through and through.The day Kroc first visited the Mc Donald brothers’ restaurant in San Bernardino, he signed a contract that allowed him to franchise new locations throughout the United States.Roughly 35 percent of residents live below the poverty line and crime rates are high.

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Though West Fifth Street was once part of historic Route 66, not much about it looks pull-off-the-road-and-read-a-plaque-worthy today.

In July, the one-hundred-plus-degree days let off so much heat here that it looks like you’re driving into a mirage.

He dreamed about starting a music store with his friends and opened one – though it didn’t do well.

Dreams were part of Kroc’s DNA and, according to at least one prophetic phrenologist, food was too.

“I never considered my dreams wasted energy; they were invariably linked to some form of action,” Kroc wrote in his business memoir Grinding It Out.

When he thought about a lemonade stand, it wasn’t long before he was running a successful one.It’s the kind of roadside spot that travelers are tempted to stop at simply to see how a place so thoroughly un-Instagramable could have stayed in business for so long. It was a process of trial and error to get the Juan Pollo recipe just right, after Okura’s brother-in-law Armando Parra took him to Mexico to taste chicken the way it is done south of the border.Okura wasn’t a chef or a businessman before opening the first restaurant in 1984.In 1906, Kroc’s father took him to a man who read the bumps on young Ray’s head.The man predicted Kroc would one day become a chef or work in food service.But the brothers realized two things: most of their sales came from hamburgers, and the carhops attracted too much flirting and lingering. American Restaurant Magazine put the Mc Donald brothers on their cover four years later with an article titled, “Twelve x Sixteen Foot Restaurant Space Sells One-Million Hamburgers and 160 Tons of French Fries a Year.” Meanwhile, before Ray Kroc ever got out of his car in San Bernardino in 1954, he had spent seventeen years as a paper cup salesman and worked at sometimes seedy establishments as a piano player before acquiring rights to sell a six-spindled milkshake maker called the Multimixer.

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