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they're so cute' And the guy kinda laughs but is like 'Oh... Also towards the end they showed the guys friend and showed a caption that said something like "he always knew Hanson was better than Backstreet boys" Ha Ha. 7/10) & in his normally hilarious In The News segment, Craig said i guess as a part of todays news (must be a slow news day): this just in...

So the other night the girl starts talking and she's like 'My favorite band is Hanson, I know everything about them, I have every CD... ' I just thought it was kinda cool that an older girl would admit on TV, and to a guy on the first date that she loved Hanson.

The things we ended up buying that were crazy were like microphones, and buying desks and building studios." Here is the cover for our new single #iwasborn shot by the awesome @jonathan.weiner. #hanson #fbf #newyork #newbaby #newalbum #excited A post shared by HANSON (@hanson) on Shrewd planning has allowed Hanson to put out four albums on their own independent label, and they've enjoyed complete control over their music and its release."I think maybe it would be better put to say, it's not that we simply took control of the business, but we decided we no longer wanted to operate under business as usual," says Zac.

The song releases on May 26th but in the meantime you can watch the lyric video for the song on You Tube.com/Hanson . Every year Taylor, now 34, Isaac, 36, and Zac release new songs exclusively to paying members of their online fan club.

I don't care what anyone says, Natalie is the sweetest person you could ever hope to meet! " and she said "I grew up" then they played a little bit of the video for "mmmbop." I thought it was kinda rude, but it was still cool that they mentioned hanson. - I went to to check out the Hanson stuff, and found a Hanson mention in the Lifehouse article with Jason Wade. Go HERE or just read is here: "It's been told that the band Hanson is personal fans of yours, any opinions on them? Number 64 was the New Radicals (though i don't remember the name of the song) hopefully most of the hanson fans have heard it but if you haven't one line says "Fashion shows with Beck and Hanson".

Taylor didn't let Natalie out of is site the entire time they were on the floor! They have started mixing the album, they were just taking a few days off for the 4th of july. " and she said "no" and Kurt Loder was like "why, what happened? And at the tender age of nineteen, Taylor Hanson became an honest man at the hands of recent high school grad Natalie Anne Bryant, in Georgia. Theres also a small pic (the same as the 1st black & white wedding pic that was posted on Hanson House w/ the caption "Sunrise, sunset: Taylor weds.") Yesterday I was watching .

They waited till the bands were all done playing before they came down and singed autographs and took pictures. so of course I asked him about the new album and here's what he said!!! 2003 haven't picked a day yet and the single in either November or December they hadn't decided. I was just watching MTV and it had something about the Ozfest and they showed Kelly Osbourne from way back in the day and they asked her "do u still like hanson? Maybe we ought to hook up with them and say hi sometime, haha, that's crazy. I thought it would be cool if the fans bought Ike a nice guitar for his birthday. You can check out my website HERE for more information. When you go to download yahoo IM, the picture of what the messenger will look like has several made up user names, one of which is HANSONFAN. Also in the new Rolling Stone (w/Ozzy on the cover), in the random notes section they mention Tays wedding: ...

The other day I was out and guess who i ran into, none other than Zac Hanson, he was with a few friends. I was watching Vh1's "Driven" featuring Nsync and they had this par of the show where they were talking about bands that were popular in 1997 and they showed part of the "MMMbop" video. everyone that said the band Hanson is for real is wrong... at least they showed a 2000 photo rather than one from 97.

They pretty much stayed up in the balcony but Isaac did come down to use the bathroom once. When Gregg Alexander, the lead singer, talked about the comments on putting the bands into the song, he said he only put the band names in because of admiration. I thought it was cool b/c many people, especially celebrities, won't admit that they like Hanson. and Tina was trying to teach the other members of the band how to speak "American" and she was going over a few things (like what we call elevators, etc.) and she came across the last pic and said "And this is Hanson, over here they call them talented" I thought that was stupid of her to say because SClub7 sure as heck aint talented!

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