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The 29-year-old allowed viewers to peek down her top as she continued to flash her boobs.

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After she was consigned to the dreaded dance-off for the second successive Sunday, the tabloids have been pushing the story of her being a “diva” who had an “epic backstage meltdown” and a “furious bust-up” with professional partner Gorka Marquez.

Burke was understandably upset when a lack of public votes saw her plummet from top of the scoreboard into the bottom two - Telegraph...

The Hallelujah singer marvelled at Vicky's creation while sporting a black trouser suit and bright red v-neck, which gave a generous glimpse of her assets.

But as she bent over to admire her Strictly frock, Alexandra's entire chest nearly slipped out on TV.

This came only a week after Burke also landed in the dance-off, this time against comedian Susan Calman.

Both times, the judges voted to save her, with Calman, then Ghadami, leaving the show.

She had to be reassured by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, she seemed inconsolable." Because it’s really hard to read lies. after the show on the weekend I actually WASN’T in the green room.

I was in the physio room treating an injury and then went home.

For weeks, she has been on the receiving end of unsubtle digs and smears for everything from her emotional reactions - judged by some as put on for the cameras - to her previous dance experience and the supposed favouritism of her by the judges.

The mood has reached boiling point following this weekend’s results.

The X Factor winner was favourite to lift the Glitterball trophy ahead of the latest result show, but following a lukewarm reception from the judges for her Rumba last night, her chances have slipped.

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