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The primary goal of the Board is the advancement of TESOL Standards in Canada with the representations of Canadian standards globally.

TESOL Canada is also research and development center updating TESOL Standards in Canada and on the global scale, thereby applying updated strategies and skills through its’ members both in Canada and internationally.

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The credits are often applicable to a master’s degree.

Independent and Groupon certificate providers that have short term durations of two weeks or two weekends, or offer their courses on Seminars based programs, are mostly non-accredited and not recognized in North America or through most Ministry of Educations Internationally.

TESOL Canada maintains a list of institutions that offer accredited programs.

The list is an online resource featuring approximately 58 Private Schools, Colleges and Universities in the United States, China, Turkey, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Japan, Qatar, Mexico, and Canada.

If your degree is in a related field, a TESOL Foundation Certificate can be a good start.

If you do not have a degree at all but have covered few years of college and not graduated, we recommend the TESOL Diploma program.

Depending on the location of your target employment, the requirement for the number of hours covered by your course can be different.

While a TESOL Certificate with 150 hours training is good enough to work in Language Schools of Beijing & in Mongolia, to work in the JET program, Japan requires a TESOL Diploma program of 450 hrs, and requirement in Hong Kong Ministry of Education is 250 hrs plus a bachelor’s degree.

In addition to general academic requirements, many countries have visas & work permit regulations with which ESL/ EFL teachers must comply.

When an organization has the acronym TESOL in its name, it refers to the field as a whole and does not indicate that it is affiliated with TESOL Canada unless and otherwise listed at our Accredited Institutions page.

TESOL Canada is not a placement agency and does not coordinate the filling of ESL/EFL jobs.

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