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Danny sits with his mom, Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll) and his daughter, Ruby (Imogen Tear) admitting he lied, that he never killed anyone.

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She turns him down saying the public needs to see him as a governor and not a husband nor father. Colleen tells Logan they are taking 2 cars, she will deal with Kyle while he takes Serena to the marina.

She removes the safety pin on her shirt and pins it to his sleeve, where a button is missing too.

Logan and Colleen see Serena looking at them as Colleen says this is the river she did not want to cross and Logan says they have no choice.

Colleen tells him not until they have Laura and Nico because they would want proof of life.

He tells her he wasn’t digging a grave, its for septic.

When he leaves, she puts on the flowery crown and he returns, they exchange smiles.

Nico and Laura hide in the kitchen when the housekeeper comes into the kitchen and Nico jumps Ruskin with a blade to his throat just as Colleen calls him; he lets the housekeeper go home and Nico demands to know where Serena is.

Laura and Nico question him about Serena and how he got a confession from his brother, Danny (Noel Johansen).

Laura and Nico arrive moments later seeing fresh tire tracks, he rams the gate open and Laura freaks out as she sees blood on a wooden bench; inside the trailer Kyle is stitching himself up. Kyle reveals following Susanna (Hilary Jardine) that night and calling his brother.

He says the weapon is locked in the top cupboard, Laura finds the laptop where the evidence is on and Laura confirms there is a video and tells Laura to watch, not Nico; he begs for Nico not to watch as the guys follow her into her house and harass her, when she rejects Logan, he stabs her.

Nico snaps on Kyle that he knew and wrecked his brother’s life.

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