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Choose one of seven sizes in Custom Path to select the layout templates yourself or one of five sizes in Simple Path to have the photos arranged for you. And the optional add-ons are endless: custom dust jacket, crushed silk cover, lay-flat pages, adhesive memorabilia pocket.

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Whether you’re creatively challenged, or you want to challenge your inner Martha, I think you’ll be able to find a photo book here that’s picture perfect for you.

FOR VARIETY’S SAKE: With $780 million in revenue and 22 billion photos that it hosts in the cloud, Shutterfly is the market leader in photo books—with a Good Housekeeping seal of approval to boot.

For encouragement, I talked to Richmond-based Sherry Petersik, a mother of two who documents her house renovations with her husband, John, for the blog Young House Love.

Petersik first made the switch from traditional photo albums to printed photo books in 2011, when she became dismayed by how much space albums took up on her shelves—not to mention how much time it took to print out the photos and assemble the albums.

Then try i Photo’s software for a quick way to turn those photos into books.

We like that you can edit the photos for quality, red eye, and even blemish removal right in the bookmaking process, and that when you drop an additional photo in the book, it updates the layout—even if you place a vertical photo in a horizontal spot.

The price may seem high, but it accounts for a cloth spine (in one of five subdued colors) and quality, lay-flat paper—all options that would be upgrades from the competition’s basic prices.

FOR THE TIME-PRESSED: Mixbook Top Consumer Reports rated Mixbook the number-one rated photo book in 2014 for offering the “most customizable” templates, fonts, and software—and also for options that meet any budget.

“It was an emotional decision for me,” she says, “I always felt behind.” Now Petersik and her husband John are able to fit five years of photos in the same amount of space that one traditional album took up.

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