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He asks for help from his neighbor, Homer Simpson, who takes Ned to Las Vegas to show him "the right way to live". The revelation of Ned's age was heavily debated between the Simpsons staff, and the decision to make him 60 years old could have been inspired from a joke by Simpsons writer Ron Hauge.

However, while there, the two become intoxicated and accidentally marry two cocktail waitresses. A scene in the episode features the song Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley, although the staff originally wanted a version of the song performed by Bruce Springsteen.

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Ned protests against games of chance because of Deuteronomy 7, but Homer ignores him and takes the reference as a lucky number. They then go to the casino's bar, and Ned gives into temptation and gets drunk on wine spritzers.

Homer and Ned wake up the next morning in their hotel room married to two cocktail waitresses: Homer's new wife is named Amber, and Ned's new wife is Ginger. While Homer fantasizes about bigamy, Ned snaps Homer back to reality by saying they were drunk and thus not of sound judgement to have such quickie, plastic weddings; also they are already married.

an idea that could have come from Ron Hauge, one of the Simpsons writers.

A few weeks before the discussions, after having found out that he was slightly older than the next oldest writer in the staff, Hauge had told one of the writers, in "the most serious reasonable" voice, that he was 60 years old.

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Sarah Paulson’s acting career is booming — but she was told that wouldn’t happen if she went public with her romance. Simpson” and said “I love you” to her in front of her peers.

Homer and Ned try to escape from the waitresses, going on a wild rampage through the casino, until they are confronted by casino security, Gunter and Ernst (also from "$pringfield"), Drederick Tatum, Boomhauer, and the Moody Blues. In the DVD commentary for the episode, show runner Mike Scully stated that there was "a lot of talk" and news reports about implosions at the time.

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