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Mans, while they were in Honolu- lu, has hi'en found guilty of larceny in the lirst decree and sentenced to ck-ht vftirs' hard labor . and authoriz- ing th- presitientes jb arm (he police.

Schwab have now acquired yhont one-tenth of the i shafts ut the International Sleeping Car company, which will soon have cars iiinniu^ through from Ucs- cow across Asia, through Siberia to Yladiv.,stoc! The convention of the provincial gnv- iv-iiinent of the I'liiliiipines' has amend- ed the provincial and municipal laws, en rmili n.4 th, powers of the constabu- lary, by not purinittlu^ inspectors to remove municipal police without the consent of the govhrnors.

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Due to recent OFCOM approved increases in the cost to use our 08 numbers, we have decided to introduce a guaranteed prepaid voucher, or Pin Product, for new and existing UK phone chat clients.

The voucher works by using a 020 London number to access the phone chat lines. Most of the English so- ciety people not in India are passing' the winter here. They have made several ex- cursions across the Mediterranean, the last one being^to Constantinople. - Oll C of- he nin- i h ■ .iisi-usst- i is th.' wi i bus enji im ciivt'? was shot' a nit in- , by .r£nu\s Dougherty, I an erupted to arrest. wiii V-jii a jit of -rage, shot his wit,- •.\iii;.}»slu» , ]av in lift! was iiir.nivivil at her home jiy an unknown Eight persons mei n'at. ■ ■ One passenger train Is bound ifp at Lester, where the passengers are-also being Tor hy the railroad. posslbt V^imiier waj) until the water shall have abated.

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