Lunch only dating service

I want immediate reversal of that upgrade which was done without my consent. I noticed this morning that my Vodacom bill contains an item Vodaphone live for R110.10.

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I fail to understand this because they have the same shoes in store in case they thought I bought it from another shop other than Rage and why should the call centre instead of the manager or someone senior in the shop to give such instruction. My problem is that how do I even know that you guys are working on my complaint when you don't even request my email for correspondence.

It is impossible to get the Childs father out of prison for the the Childs ID application and we are in Newcastle he is in Westville prison in Durban so really your procedure regarding this is unreasonable. Are children whose fathers are in prison not supposed to have IDs?

Instead of answering my question he said sisi I said we don't have meat I said 2 him i understand dat Do u mean lyk... I asked the petrol attendant to fill the car with diesel.

Then I saw him throwing petrol when I asked him he stopped then said to me it's only 5 litres then he filled up the car with diesel. When I wanted to pay for the 5 litres of petrol to my surprise the slip was for 23 litres of petrol. Then they spoke with the garage owner of which he said to me it's not his problem. I am disgusted with the staff at Legit in Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth. Today on 26 December 2017 I went to Baywest Mall Port Elizabeth to return said item. The lady that works at Legit first asked whether i had paid with a savings card or debit card, I told her debit card. In South Africa summer holidays fall in Mid December - January!

Today I decided to take two busses to game to ask the assistant to re register the simcard but another agent advised the lady who assisted is not in today and she... I must say I have been a good customer to pick and pay in daveyton mall for a long time. I went there to buy my sons stationery I needed help and I went to the manangers kiosk it took a minute for me to get their attention as they were busy gossiping and laughing.

When they finally sent someone to help me she came with a bad attitude .

We have been advised on the 26/12/17 to GO BACK Ion to a WAITING LIST !??

Why penalize a “client” for lack of supply & product...

Today 26/12/2017 around about went to Kf C at suncoast as usual.line was very while we were still trying to find the last person on the line a guy wearing a Kfc uniform (manager) if I saw correctly was walking around saying "we do not have meat you can get anything else except 4 me meat" politely we asked him.

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