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#2 BEING PRESENT and OPEN: When we are truly PRESENT in the moment, we are OPEN to meeting the love of our life.Enjoy each encounter, whether or not that person is a potential mate.The exterior suit a Soul wears (body type, profession, etc) are superficial and are not the source of future happiness. Back when I was a child, nothing was more fun in the summer than to go to the pool, or the lake, or the ocean - anywhere you could swim on a hot summer day.

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Be receptive and conscious of who might be coming into your space, wherever you may be.

Be bold and say hi to people, initiate conversations and SMILE!

Of course, this led me to back to the starting point. After years of looking around, I was starting to wonder where I could go to find this elusive type of partner.

You have to understand that this was actually a serious situation for me, because I had always believed in the "fairy tale" of the perfect Soulmate who was just supposed to magically show up in my life. I know you attract the frequency you send out, but my Soulmate and I just hadn't connected yet.

As we raise our vibrational frequencies and approach fifth dimensional living, it’s more and more important to practice Spiritual Dating with respect to meeting a life partner as our thoughts and feelings are manifesting quickly!

The 6 Keys to Spiritual Dating: #1 REMEMBERING OUR DIVINITY: Realize that every person is a DIVINE ASPECT and before incarnating, we agreed to forget our Divinity.

When these six keys are put into practice, results happen quickly, and it’s possible to be experiencing a blissful, devoted, loving relationship in no time, so ENJOY the process!

We believe that you attract the energy you send out.

We tend to be attracted to people that we identify ourselves with.

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