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All the classics are on offer (such as the Fiorentina and Reine) alongside a flexible selection of extra toppings.Order at the bar and grab a glass of mixed, plump olives to tie you over the three minutes it’ll take for your pizza to be prepared, blasted in the fire-oven and waiting for you at the pickup point.Yet as a counselor, the number of clients who struggle with social anxiety to the point they find it difficult to engage with strangers seems to be growing.

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Be brave and go for it: “Hey, fancy grabbing a bit of lunch later? Exchange numbers, meet at the restaurant and take time to smell the proverbial flowers – or in this case, the pepperoni.

Order a bottle of extra dry Italian Prosecco and enjoy the thrill of letting your hair down with some lunchtime drinking.

Now, American ladies can easily track down and compliment British dudes on their accents thanks to Date British

According to the site, it offers a "unique dating opportunity" to men and women "looking to add a little diversity to their love lives, meeting that special American woman next door, or that dashing British gentleman you've been waiting for is simple on our easy to use interface." Yes, at last, dating national stereotypes can be easy.

Fast, furious and fire-baked, this Pizza Bar appreciates the Londoner’s need for speed.

Joining the many other eateries offered in and around Spitalfields market, the contemporary industrial decor reflects no-nonsense dining with quality ingredients and superveloce service.

Part of the "fun" of travel is "meeting" attractive peoples from other countries.

A new website is making it easy to hook up with foreigners, at least British ones, without even boarding a plane.

[...] “It’s the idea of the prince,” Mrs Elman, who is originally from Connecticut, explained.

“When we think of British males, we think of Prince William, Prince Harry and James Bond — debonair.

If you are not satisfied with Elite Dating Manager’s services you can receive a full refund within 14 days.

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