Updating recursive xml views of relations

Note also few backported improvements that are present in this release: A long-standing, legacy loophole in the handling of DPB parameters enabled ordinary users to make connection settings that could lead to database corruptions or give them access to SYSDBA-only operations.

Calculation of index statistics has been revamped to improve the choices the optimizer has available, especially for complex outer join distributions and DISTINCT queries.

Many new additions have been made to the SQL language, including support for derived tables (SELECT ... FROM), PSQL blocks in dynamic SQL through the new EXECUTE BLOCK syntax and some handy new extensions in PSQL itself.

Win64 hosts are running without problems and the MS VC8 final release seems to work satisfactorily, so we are able to say we are no longer hampered by problems with the Microsoft compiler.

The Win64 port is complete and into testing, but is still considered experimental.

Many of the command-line tools have been refurbished and this release introduces the all-new incremental backup tools NBak and NBackup.

The old “” limit on index size is gone for good, replaced by much-extended limits that depend on page size.

During Firebird 2.1 development it was discovered that Forced Writes had never worked on Linux, in either the Inter Base or the Firebird era.

That was fixed in V.2.1 and backported to this sub-release.

This sub-release does not add any new functionality to the database engine but fixes two significant bugs, one of which caused the v.2.0.2 sub-release to be recalled a week after it was released.

To all intents and purposes, therefore, this is the sub-release following sub-release 2.0.1.

Make transportable gbak backups of your existing databases--including your old or (even older) isc4security databases-- you uninstall the older Firebird server and set out to install Firebird 2.0.

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