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Catch Matchmaking Orange County location is ready to expand and serve all parts of the greater OC area.

Los Angeles has always had an abundant amount of matchmaking services and Catch Matchmaking Orange County is expanding.

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May and Katie Catch Matchmaking Orange County Women Like When Men Take Charge One example of what we mean when we say that women like when men take charge is: Women want to be asked out. It took me awhile to learn who I really was by going out with different types of women.

Our first office opened in Burbank, CA and now we have expanded to 3 offices in Southern California.

At Catch Matchmaking Orange County, we know that there are great singles in these lovely areas and can’t wait to service them.

Orange County, known for its suburban nature and commerce and technological businesses, what great catches there are here!

We think that a great first date place impacts how great a date will be. What does it mean when you don’t text someone back in a timely manner? and I have been spending a lot of time together and decided to be exclusive. We talked about this and feel it’s the best thing for us in order to see if we’d be good boyfriend/girlfriend later.

Here is our list of favorite first date spots we like to send our dates to: Orange County singles will be happy to know that we’re expanding our Catch Matchmaking Orange County to encompass all of the OC area. Let me pause my activity with your […] Success Story Hi May, thank you so much for such a great time and for helping me make connections! I’m happily in a relationship through you and can’t be happier with Sarah Y.

With over 30,000 members (and still counting), we are the premier source for meeting Singles throughout Los Angeles and Orange County!

Our popularity has drastically grown over the years.

We don't limit ourselves to a certain "type" and that's because we know everyone has different preferences when looking for a mate.

Either for romance, love or just friendship, Cindy's Singles is here to help you find it!

Catch Matchmaking Orange County can help Orange County singles meet their dating needs with their personalized matchmaking services.

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