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Mac Auley details her experience dating a Turkish Muslim man, describing the hell and fear she lived in because he controlled every move she made, beat and raped her. From Lacy Macauley’s archived blog post: I am a radical activist based in Washington DC. He offered a ready smile, engaging kindness, and intelligent conversation.I fell in love with an energetic, charismatic activist I met in November when I was present to write about resistance to the G20 Summit, a global event in Antalya, Turkey. He said all the right things to convince me that he cared about women’s rights and activism. I observed that he was drinking heavily, and called him an “alky,” but it was just a joke at first.In February, I decided to return to Turkey with the promise of love driving me forward. We went to the beach and historic sites, and he introduced me to his friends.

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Others develop a heightened sense of self-importance and arrogance, as they slap the word “biblical” in front of each of their opinions, claiming to speak on behalf of God on every given topic.

Still others live complete lies, lecturing the congregation on the importance money management on Sunday while struggling to overcome secret credit card debt on Monday.

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The same applies to trolling, the use of multiple aliases, or just generally being a jerk.Mac Auley continues to push for left-wing totalitarianism here in the U. because her being arrested in Turkey wasn’t a wake up call.At least she is consistent and lives up to the reputation liberals have of being mentally ill.Of course, as a Western woman, no one had ever forbidden me from speaking with anyone else. He did not stop to determine whether I consented to sex.It was a strange feeling: Don’t I have a mouth to speak? What I found over the next few weeks was absolute frustration of my efforts to do my advocacy work. Several times, he turned off my wifi and lied about it, a modern-day form of gaslighting.) But Pastor Mark continues to grow a devoted and impassioned following, which means thousands of couples around the world will be looking to his new book, which he co-authored with his wife Grace, for advice.

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