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Other recent cricket- bollywood allainces Virat Kohli- Sarah Jane Dias Former beauty queen and actor Sarah, who recently debuted in Game opposite Abhishek Bachchan has reportedly been getting close to Delhi boy Virat Kohli for the past two months.

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There were many reports of the two being spotted at restaurants together.

Their appearances at a club in Bangalore also became frequent. Meet the lover boy Indian cricketer Sreesanth has always denied being in a relationship but his link up rumours resurface every now and then.

That was perhaps the last one knew of Sreesanth romancing someone and getting caught on camera.

He sure made quite a few others go green over his triumphs with being a ladies’ man.

Riya Sen April 2011 Riya Sen, 30, has been spotted at a few Kochi Tuskers games, cheering for Sree, as he is fondly called. I just attended three matches for Kochi and that's that. According to reports, the two have been getting very close. I am single and working hard on getting better on my game and I am loving my life.”Minissha Lamba June 2009 The cricketer has been linked up with actor Minissha Lamba, 26, after the two were spotted cuddling at a film awards function in Macau.

The two apparently got close while shooting for a jewellery commercial. While Shazahn admitted that the two had gone for adrive and called the cricketer “sweet”, she said, “We are just good friends. According to eyewitnesses, the two, who were reportedly sitting at a casino late night, were spotted kissing. Daisy Bopanna May 2009 Around the same time as Sree’s link up with Minissha, actor Daisy Bopanna, 30, said in an interview that he had messaged her asking ‘for a reply’ after they shot for an ad in Kerala.One doesn’t know how this one came to happen but the story made quite a few rounds.With both ends playing safe and denying the relationship, Sreesanth and Riya Sen were spotted together at a few important events and went around for a while till the time Riya Sen denied anything ‘serious’ between them.Giving his boy-next-door looks some more credit; Mens XP tries to find out who this cricketer’s ladylove might be.The earliest romantic connection of Sreesanth that the media came to know of was with Kannada actress Daisy Bopanna.Latest about the 28-year-old is that he is all set to marry as soon as his family finds a girl for him.

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