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However, current laws state that children without parental care may be placed in foster care at birth and that those currently residing in institutional care may also be moved to foster care.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of foster families willing to care for the children with special needs.

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If the child is housed in a facility far from the capital, it may take several days to respond to the questions.

It is possible you will not receive a picture of your child before you travel.

At this point, families will compile and submit their complete dossier for review by Hopscotch, followed by sending it to Serbia for translation, certification, and submission to the MLSP Adoption Unit.

After receipt of your dossier, the MLSP Adoption Unit will provide you with information on a child or list of children registered for international adoption and fitting the criteria you have requested.

Because of this, the only children available for adoption from Serbia are those with physical or mental impairments whose needs would be better met in a country such as the U. Every year there are a certain number of special needs children listed for international adoption in Serbia, however, this number changes daily as children are entered or removed from the database.

The needs of the children range from Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, cleft lip/palate, Autism Spectrum Disorders to mild developmental or institutional delays to sibling groups or older children.Hopscotch Adoptions strongly encourages families to seek out the services of an Independent Adoption Specialist to help discern what the child’s/children's needs are and if your family is appropriate for the adoption of any of these children.You may ask MLSP further questions to help you make a decision. Upon receipt of questions, the MLSP Adoption Unit must contact the social center responsible for the child in whom you are interested.Single parents are approved on a case-by-case basis.If you are single, you must document and explain to the Serbian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) Adoption Unit how you will care for a child with special needs as a single parent, as well as the support system you have in place.Serbia requires one year between adoptions of non-related children.

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