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The later structure faces north to south and leaves the ruined remains of the older temple pylon to be seen on the east side of the first court. Although major parts of the settlement show severe signs of erosion, cut away or have been exposed during sebakh-digging, enough is preserved to gain information from as far back as the Predynastic Period.The remains of the settlement (tell) provides an insight into the development of Edfu as a provincial town from the end of the Old Kingdom until the Byzantine period.There is evidence that the town flourished during the First Intermediate Period when it expanded extensively to the west.

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Since 2001, the Tell Edfu project has been directed by Nadine Moeller (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago).

The current work focuses on the eastern part of the site.

A man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after engaging in a gunbattle with deputies in the parking lot of the Temple City sheriff's station, where he had gone to register as a sex offender Monday morning, authorities said.

The man, identified only as a 47-year-old white male, entered the station located in the 8800 block of East Las Tunas Drive about a.m.

to register as a sex offender, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. The deputy at the counter inside the station realized that the man had a $40,000 warrant for his arrest in connection with a felony sex crime that occurred in the city of Los Angeles, Mendoza said.

When the deputy went further inside the station and returned with other deputies in order to arrest him, the man ran toward his vehicle, the lieutenant said.

So far the administrative centre of the ancient town has been discovered with remains of a columned hall dating to the late Middle Kingdom as well as a large granary courtyard that functioned as a grain reserve for this provincial capital.

Latter dates to the Second Intermediate Period (17th Dynasty).

The Sheriff's Department said it was not releasing his name.

Authorities remarked on the shootout as an example of the dangers that deputies face daily.

Deputies followed him into the parking lot, where the man fired upon them, leading to an exchange of gunfire, Sheriff Jim Mc Donnell said at a morning news conference.

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