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Below I've rounded up 11 ways to improve your Roku experience, from organizing channels to adding buttons (no, really) to your Roku remote.So anytime you land at your Roku's onscreen keyboard on your TV, whether for a search or sign-in, just run the app, tap Remote and then tap the keyboard icon near the bottom of the screen. Or, power tip, tap the keyboard's microphone icon and "type" your entry using your voice. So instead of tapping out, say, "Leonardo Di Caprio" to find his available movies (and risk spelling it wrong), you can just tap the Search option, then Voice, and actually say, "Leonardo Di Caprio."Want to show everyone the photos and videos you took at the recent wedding, graduation, soccer game or zombie escape room?

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(You can also browse them online if you prefer.) Here you'll find several dozen other options, everything from golf to Garfield to Star Trek.

Alas, these add-ons aren't free: Tired of that Roku logo bouncing around whenever your streamer sits idle for a while?

The channel should get automatically added to your Roku device within the next 24 hours, but you should be able to force it by going to the Channel Store on your Roku, then exiting back out to the main menu. Check out Quickly find a lost Roku remote with this trick.

Sky.com) offers a wide selection of free-to-air adult TV channels, such as Babestation and Playboy TV chat.

Is there a more widely beloved tech product than the Roku streamer? Thankfully, there's an easy fix: Use your phone instead. If you're lucky enough to have a current-generation Roku 3Don't own one of those models?

Whether yours is a stick or box, it delivers virtually unparalleled video goodness to your TV: Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on. As you probably know, the Roku apps (Android|i OS) can take the place of your Roku remote, but they also provide a keyboard that makes data entry significantly faster and easier. No problem: The Roku app now offers voice-search capabilities of its own.Don't gather them around your relatively tiny phone or tablet; gather them around the TV instead. You can also mirror your smartphone or tablet to your Roku device.The Roku app lets you cast photos, videos and music from your mobile device to your streamer. Choose the kind of media you want to stream, then the specific media. Big-screen viewing from your small(er)-screen device. I really like the design of the Roku remote, especially those that have shortcut buttons to the likes of Netflix and Amazon.What I don't like: You can't program a Roku remote to control your TV. Available for a variety of streamers (including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV), this clever add-on (with the best name ever) clips to the side of your Roku remote and adds a row of handy programmable buttons: power, volume up/down, channel up/down, input and A/B (these last available for whatever functions you want).The Sideclick starter kit for Roku sells for .99 and comes with four adapter clips to accommodate the majority of Roku remotes.Once you've found the perfect spot, press OK to complete the process. A recent update to the Roku app added a great feature: a Channels screen, similar to what you see on your TV.

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