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While the Massachusetts Bay Colony was famously established by English Protestants, there is evidence of Catholic influence in the New England area as early as the 17th century.

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The database team trains our volunteer family historians in the gentle art of scanning delicate books.

After each volume is scanned, our staff uses software to straighten and crop the archival-quality images.

As Matignon had informed Cheverus, priests were sorely needed to minister to their communities and perform the seven holy rites, called sacraments, that mark the passages of a Catholic's life, from baptism after birth to the annointing of the sick during illness or before death.

Deeply literate and observant, Cheverus and his fellow priests kept meticulous records of the sacraments they administered to Boston's Catholics during the church's earliest presence in the rapidly developing region.

It would be another year before the construction of the first Holy Cross Church (later designated as Boston's cathedral), and another nine before the Archdiocese of Boston would establish itself there.

The immigration boom which would see French-Canadians, Germans, Lithuanians, Italians, the Irish, and many other ethnic groups pour into New England was still nearly half a century away.The story of how Massachusetts's early Catholic Church flourished illustrates how America grew, as new groups arrived and clashed with earlier settlers, disparate communities found common ground, and ancient traditions were absorbed and transformed into new cultures. This painstaking process ensures faithful transcriptions—a critical factor for family historians and researchers.View the slideshow for a close-up look at how NEHGS is working to create an online database from the parish volumes.They objected to the perceived corruption and ostentatious pageantry of the Catholic Church back in Europe, and they especially distrusted any hint of allegiance to the Pope.In 1647, a law was passed banning any Catholic priests from practicing in the colony on pain of death.I am willing to work with my hands, if need be." The image featured in our project logo is taken from a stained-glass window in Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which was completed in 1875. In addition to being regarded as the Patroness of Ireland, St. It is also evocative of her association with learning and the illuminated manuscripts which were produced at Kildare, including the now-lost Book of Kildare. Brigid is often pictured with a candle as she is associated with light or flame. It may simply refer to enlightenment and learning, with which she is so strongly connected.

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