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After several months of performing, I went home to Sault Ste.

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In your lecture classes, especially large ones, your profs can’t tell whether your blank face means you are bored, scared, so lost you don’t know what to ask, or recovering from a big party the night before; give them feedback and ask for what you need! Do the reading, work out your basic ideas, and then write a first draft.

Make your writing better Use your four years of courses, and especially of essay writing, to make your writing better: more clean, clear and concise. Don’t worry if it’s 2,500 words or even more (if it’s only 2,000, you probably don’t have enough to say). Go through, read each sentence and ask of it: Are there words here that don’t add anything but are just padding? Doing this can easily shorten the essay by 10 to 15%.

Good note-takers are thinking, comparing and questioning. With the hindsight of years, and two careers under my belt—news reporter, and now professor—I’m in a better position to say that the hand-written notes I scratched out during my undergraduate years were invaluable.

They helped prepare me for both the high-minded pursuit of graduate studies, and the adrenaline-infused challenge of turning a 45-minute news conference with a bloviating politician into a short radio story on a 15-minute deadline. Put away the laptop and cellphone and pick up your pad of paper and pen.

Whether it’s giving yourself more time to study, hang out with friends, or discover what you’re interested in outside of the classroom, you’re truly going to want to take advantage of those great university moments.

Don’t be afraid to change directions When I left high school in the ’70s, I had a dream of being a rock star.An important part of your university experience is to learn across difference and understand perspectives other than your own.International experiences can give students a leg up in an increasingly global economy.If someone really wants to be with you, they will make it happen. Centre yourself in your dating life and honour your own needs.Ask yourself: Does this person or situation make me feel safe and respected?My message here is simple: it’s okay if you are not sure about your path. Get into the habit of trying new things Do things beyond your classes and don’t hesitate to fail. Getting in the habit of trying things is invaluable, engaging and fun.

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