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Meaning if the message changes from the sending state to the sent state, it actually was sent.

If it was not, your client would automatically resend that message in the next session.

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You are stuck with whatever some designer thought was right for most people.

You can not even properly use Whatsapp and Signal on your PC and have to use yet another proprietary solution like Slack to do basically the same thing.

We call that information—the with, whom and when—meta data.

With XMPP this meta data still exists, but it is not kept in a central place.

This buys you enough time to reach the other end of that tunnel.

As a side effect the same technology gives you the guarantee that a message you sent has actually reached the server.

Slack in turn fails to provide a decent mobile experience. You only need one account to cater to all your instant messaging needs.

If your workflow changes you just pick a different client.

There was a brief period of time where XMPP actually had some catching up to do. The political one is easy to understand: While Signal and Whatsapp nowadays all use end-to-end encryption your messages are routed over centralized servers.

XMPP was fine before, when we had different requirements—In fact I was using an XMPP client on my Nokia E71 back in 2008 (That’s more than two years before Whats App was even invented)—and it’s fine now in 2016. That means the vendor still knows exactly who you are communicating with and when.

That technology is called XEP-0198: Stream Management and is nowadays available in all actively maintained servers and clients.

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