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The Gartner report helps raise awareness as to the level of complexity involved in data center migrations and will help organizations make sure they’re not missing any crucial steps.Based on lessons learned through years of research into migrations, it just might help you avoid the mistakes made by others in the past, saving you substantial time and money.Consolidating these multiple sites into a smaller number of larger sites will often result in financial savings.

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Consolidating data centers gartner

Click here to get your own complimentary copy of Gartner’s “Fifteen Best Practices for a Successful Data Center Migration.” Check it out soon, as this report is available for a limited time.

In the face of organizational budgetary cuts, there are seven effective ways enterprises can reduce costs in the data center during a 12- to 18-month period, according to Gartner, Inc.

This step also involves identifying a project leader and team members and conducting detailed advanced planning, including a cost assessment, inventory and business impact analysis. Risk assessment With respect to risk, Gartner makes a good point: the less there is to move, the easier – and less risky – the migration will be.

So, part of the risk assessment involves simplifying the data center environment as much as possible, such as through virtualization and consolidation (think converged and hyperconverged systems).

In some cases, it may be appropriate to terminate a contract because it's too expensive, while in others, new terms and conditions may secure a lower payment schedule.

Vendors are used to reviewing contracts during downturns. People costs still form the largest single cost element for most data centers, sometimes running as high as 40 percent of the overall costs.The experts at Gartner have seen their clients execute lots of data center migrations – some successfully, some less so.But one thing is certain: they learn from both kinds.For example, removing a single x86 server will result in savings of more than 0 a year in energy costs alone." Gartner has identified seven important ways to cut data center costs: 1.Rationalize the Hardware Hardware rationalization will result in savings in several areas.While these projects often result in reducing the number of data center operational staff needed, Gartner advises users not just to get rid of people but to retrain them to fill skill gaps in other parts of the data center or wider IT organization.

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