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The cabinet is loaded with Celestion G12T-75 Speakers.

The name Kurt Walker was scratched on the serial number plate.

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Hylight 4x12, front loaded, all matching #s, stamped frame Fanes, numbers 48019 and 125 155. Has one mod, the previous owner added a toggle switch to shift between all 4 speakers at 16 ohms, as original, and only the top 2 speakers at 8 ohms.

Speakers have Green Dot stickers with 16 Ohm stamped on them and also Orange Dot stickers with nothing stamped on them. Hylight 4x12, 200 W, 16 Ohm, rear loaded, white jack, black grille, no logo, initials: SS/BS; purple back - pressed steel frame Fanes with 'whizzer cones', 122229, 15 Ohm, 24/77, original cone code: 6442 (reconed by Wembley Loudspeaker, London/England)Biacrown other SE212S 2x12 150w 16 ohms. 2 sockets on rear, short trailing lead coming out of top socket surround apparently for optional horn! Hylight 4x12 Rear loaded, rear slot port, recessed plastic/metal handles, original stamped frame Fane 125114 speakers with matching 32/78 date codes missing magnet covers, one has been reconed, later-style black grill cloth.

Hylight 2x15 Model- SE 2150 S, this is a taller 4x12 sized 2x15, with diagonally set speakers, sadly original Fanes long gone, fitted with Eminence drivers from a Peavey 2x15, runs at 4 ohm, originally was rated at 100w, and 16 ohm, beige speaker cloth. The codes on the speakers are DM30, DM30, FM12 and CM21.

Acquired from original owner, who purchased new from American Music in Seattle. Salt and pepper grill cloth nicely yellowed and intact. Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grille cloth, cut-out handles, rear port, rear loaded with four Celestion G12-65 T2974. Original basketweave tolex and S&P grille cloth, stamped frame 122142 Fanes, 06/76 date, excellent condition for its age. A bit mangled and missing front logo plate getting a replacement soon!

Pickguard still needs to be shaved down to fit properly. This Pickguard need to be shaved and fitted as well. Guitar is in unplayed condition except for the pickguard..

Mint unplayed condition BUT agin needs to be wired to input jack.. Tortoise shell pickguard.2 mexican strat pickups and a black seymour duncan little 59 in the bridge position.

This guitar is White like a golf ball not yellowed in any way.

S# n/a 11) Fender 50*s Telecaster Replica Built by Nate at melody Customs.

Update Here is an updated list with additional items.

The Fender Blackface Bassman Date code *** O K *** circuit AB165 Serial number 2863 may not be a complete number.. Body has been buggered up under the guard and bridge position pickup cavity routed for humbucker under original bridge.

Has the thin black see through grill cloth instead of the black spray painted salt and pepper grill cloth.

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