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Given her interests in arts, I decided to take her to artsy/trendy places, which she really liked.

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She was still in Chicago at the time, but moved back to California shortly after.

I can still remember the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I picked her up for that perfect first date.

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) Members of the United Nations Security Council are considering new sanctions for North Korea in reaction to its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. On August 5, the UN Security Council approved resolution 2371.

The measures were aimed at cutting about one-third of North Korea's $3 billion in export income.

Support from Russia and China is needed for an oil embargo to work.

Both countries are permanent members of the Security Council. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not offer support to the idea of blocking North Korea’s oil imports.

The proposal calls for stopping North Korean cloth and clothing exports, and seeks to put limits on North Koreans working in other countries.

But the biggest restriction would ban the sale of oil, refined petroleum products, and natural gas liquids to the North.

She said it might press for oil exports to be considered a humanitarian exception to UN Security Council sanctions.

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