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Like Nevada, New Hampshire has a quick divorce turnaround time.While this does not always help with the alimony, it does give a failed marriage finality, faster. New Hampshire doesn’t just look at the usual things (earnings, children, education, etc.) but also each spouse’s earning potential outside the marriage.

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Thankfully, many states are changing those medieval modes of thinking about spousal support!

Georgia has some of the best laws in the country in regards to knocking out alimony from the divorce equation.

Potentially, a non-guilty party can be held responsible for someone else’s failed marriage.

Love to meet the jilted lover who created that law!

The delay cost litigants thousands of dollars in wasted fees. New York has not made it easy for men seeking divorce to move on with their lives.

Colorado does not care if one or the other party to divorce can adequately support themselves. Does that mean you owe 120% of your income to your ex?

But they do allow for the ordering of permanent spousal support. The Garden State probably represents a lot of disheartening news for many spouses.

They’re one of the last remaining states where permanent alimony is a possibility.

New York is one of the slowest states to reform their alimony laws.

They held out on legalizing no-fault divorces until 2010.

Instead, they use a formula they call “temporary.” It takes 40% of the higher income deducted by 50% of the lower income. This “temporary” formula often becomes the long-term, more permanent formula. So, you could lose half of your property and assets. The best way to sum up Florida’s messed up alimony policies is through the story of Debbie Israel.

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