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The plant is also home to the Tully's Coffee headquarters, Bartholomew Winery, Red Soul Motorcycle Fabrications, as well as artist lofts, band practice spaces, and a recording studio.

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During this time they opened a brewery in San Francisco where they brewed Rainier beer until 1920 when the 18th amendment was ratified.

The company survived prohibition by producing a variety of different nonalcoholic products.

(The whole commercial was reportedly shot on the first take, a great relief since it took all day to set up.) Rainier also produced humorous posters such as a "National Beergraphic" parody of a National Geographic Magazine cover depicting tourists encountering an MFR in the forest, and a Flash Gordon/Star Wars poster, "Fresh Wars", that recalled the bar scene in Star Wars: Episode 4.

There were even costumed MFRs that made promotional appearances at supermarkets during this period.

The neon "R" is now on display at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry which was refurbished by local Seattle sign company Western Neon.

The green "T" was removed on September 30, 2013 by Tully's, and a red neon replica "R", built by Western Neon, returned to the top of the brewery on October 24, 2013.

Several commercials were parodies of movies, TV shows and famous spokespeople of the time.

For example, a couple made references to popular Saturday Night Live skits: one with a Gilda Radner lookalike in her role as Roseanne Roseanneadanna in a Weekend Update skit for Rainier Lite commercial; another had characters called the R-Heads, which was a reference to the Coneheads, with Rainier 'R' logos on the top of their heads.

Sound man Joe Hadlock of Bear Creek Studio joined the cohorts of Heckler Bowker for 14 years of creating noise and music for these advertisements.

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