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Running shoes should be retired after 300 to 500 miles in order to prevent injuries.66.

Dating dump find man quality schlump up

Around 23 percent of people pay late fees on bills they cannot find.54. Trade the DVDs you've seen for the ones you haven't.62.

Return six MAC Cosmetics containers to any MAC store and receive a free lipstick.55. Clear off your CD shelves, and make money in the process.63.

1800Got Pay someone else to take out the (big, cumbersome) trash.5.

earth911Find local recycling and reuse programs for all kinds of household items.8.

If you're a smart, sophisticated, independent woman looking for love, why shouldn't it be you? Courtney Sullivan has created a guide for women everywhere who have worked hard to get where they are in their lives and their careers and deserve to be challenged, excited, and supported-financially and otherwise-by the men in their lives.

It's not anti-feminist-it's knowing what you need from a partner and demanding the entire package.

With tips on everything from top 10 products for under ," 8 types of rich men to avoid," and 9 essential clothing items that no girl should be without," DATING UP will help women attract the right kind of man.

It also gives advice on where to go to meet men and how to transition from the first few dates to having sex to meeting his mother.

127Set up shop at the World's Longest Yard Sale, August 2-5, along 450 miles of Highway 127 in the southeastern U. Or peddle your wares in your own front yard on National Garage Sale Day, August 10.10.

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