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See full summary » Traces events in the life of Carlo, from his christening in 1906, where his grandfather reminds his father that Carlo means "free man," to his 80th birthday party. See full summary » Is the story of an aristocratic 19th century French family of any interest today? Personally I think it is, as long as it touches some humanitarian aspects and allows the spectator to draw parallels to his present day aspirations. It is not a masterpiece, but it is well focused and nicely narrated.

To me the De Maupassant novel was just an excuse and, to be honest, I found the lyrical passages presented as commentaries to be the film's weakest points.

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On her 35th birthday, Lucie realizes there is something missing in her life: a baby. See full summary » The Prince of Homburg, disobeys orders and leads a cavalry charge in battle against the Swedes, which leads to victory.

But nature requires a male partner to conceive life. He is court martialled however for disobeying orders and sentenced to...

See full summary » Florence and Chet Keefer have had a troublesome marriage.

Whilst in the middle of a divorce hearing the judge encourages them to remember the good times they have had hoping that the ...It was really the summary of the adventures we watched. The members of a funeral procession and some truckdrivers who have to take the same route begin to talk about god and the world ending up in discovering ...This film isn't just an "odd couple" story, as it can appear at a first glance.This is a landmark Cuban film about the plight of homosexual artists in Communist Cuba.First come rejection and suspicion, but also fascination.

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