Updating the acpi driver selections

I will tell you what I think about each option and why I would or wouldn't use it on my systems.

- Reminder - For many months now I've been posting a reminder about ' Patch Tuesday' or ' Second Tuesday' as it has come to be known when Microsoft releases the latest round of updates for Windows XP and other products.

Users have to take responsibility for determining whether or not the update will impact their system negatively.

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As always, I strongly suggest you read about any update prior to installation, especially updates carrying a less than ' Critical' rating, and have a current system and data backup available in case it's necessary to restore the system to a pre-patch condition.

acpi= [HW, ACPI, X86, ARM64] Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Format: force -- enable ACPI if default was off on -- enable ACPI but allow fallback to DT [arm64] off -- disable ACPI if default was on noirq -- do not use ACPI for IRQ routing strict -- Be less tolerant of platforms that are not strictly ACPI specification compliant.

To update without taking precautions is simply negligent on the part of the user.

If you are using a new installation of XP, eventually a balloon will appear by the Notification Area asking if you want to enable Automatic Updates.

If you do install the update, ensure that there is a current backup of all critical data prior to installing.

Using the XP System Restore function is also a good idea.

The question is, how automatic is Automatic Update?

In spite of what the name Automatic Update might indicate, when you run the Automatic Updates Setup Wizard you'll find that none of the methods it offers install the suggested updates without giving you the option to review the updates prior to installation.

acpica_no_return_repair [HW, ACPI] Disable AML predefined validation mechanism This mechanism can repair the evaluation result to make the return objects more ACPI specification compliant.

This option is useful for developers to identify the root cause of an AML interpreter issue when the issue has something to do with the repair mechanism.

Nevertheless, you do have to make a choice at this point before the logon process will complete. If you aren't sure if you'd like to enable updates or would like to make a more informed choice, go down to the [Manage Security Settings For:] section at the bottom of WSC and click Automatic Updates to open the Automatic Updates property sheet shown in Fig. There are four options available for Automatic Updates.

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