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Visiting the two most important regions for malt whisky production and savour the contrasting flavours.

Taste both the peaty whiskies of Islay and the famous whiskies of Speyside.

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LAGAVULIN means “the hollow where the mill is” and this distillery is commanded by the ruins of Dunyveg Castle, once the stronghold of the Lords of the Isles.

Neighbouring distillery LAPHROAIG has the most medicinal of malts.

Incorporated in the visitors centre is the Legend of the Dew and the mythical giant, Hector Mc Dram.

North of Ben Nevis is Loch Ness and the ruined URQUHART CASTLE.

Two in depth tours will help you appreciate the complexes of whisky production.

First ABERLOUR, their well respected whiskies and have full flavours of nutmeg and spice.

At the southern tip of the island is ARDBEG, a distillery originally run by smugglers and famous for its peaty flavours.

The Old Kiln restaurant here is a venue used by French writer-cook Martine Nouet who writes in Whisky Magazine.

The whisky is principally aged in plain oak and sherry casks and the house style is of a raisiny, chocolatey flavour.

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