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These are the identified priority crime problem areas of the Financial Crimes Section (FCS) of the FBI.

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Mrs Grogan was severely disabled by multiple sclerosis and was chronically ill.

The High Court ruled that the NHS’s decision not to provide care was “fatally flawed” and that the NHS had wrongly moved the goalposts in defining her needs.

Although public corruption is a national priority within the WCCP, it will not be addressed in this report.

Each section of this report provides an overview, statistical accomplishments, and case examples of the identified priority crime problems specifically addressed by the Financial Crimes Section.

Many people who are battling to obtain NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for an elderly relative in full-time care will find useful ammunition by exploring two of the well-known test cases – the Coughlan case and the Grogan case.

We’ve pulled out some key arguments for you to make it easier.

The FCS is divided into three units: the Economic Crimes Unit - I, Economic Crimes Unit - II (formerly Financial Institution Fraud and Asset Forfeiture/Money Laundering Units), and the Health Care Fraud Unit.

The Economic Crimes Unit - I is responsible for significant frauds targeted against individuals, businesses, and industries to include: corporate fraud, insurance fraud (non-health care related), securities and commodities fraud, mass marketing fraud, telemarketing fraud, Ponzi schemes, advance fees schemes, and pyramid schemes.

The subprime market has grown from two percent of mortgages in 1998 to 20 percent of mortgages in 2006.

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