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In particular, “When friends in an SNS can be strangers, admirers, confidants, coworkers, family, and a host of other relationship types, yet all be called same thing on site, it triggers inevitable confusion” (Baym 2010, 145).

Furthermore, the Internet is appealing to youth because they are able to meet many people online with similar and different interests.

Already a hidden crime due to the difficulty of identifying the traffickers and victims, the advances in internet technology have offered traffickers a new mechanism to escape detection from law enforcement.

In particular, sex trafficking, a subset of human trafficking is a form of discrimination in which people in power, typically men, take advantage of the vulnerabilities of women and children— though men are also victims—to exploit them for their services, whether for labor and/or sex.

In addition, deception, fraud, force, and coercion are often used to recruit victims (UNODC 2000, Article 3(a)) although that should not be the main factor when investigating and prosecuting these crimes; for children proof of the threat or use of force or coercion is not required.

Conclusion Bibliography In the year 2014, human trafficking is still prevalent.

Traffickers around the world abuse vulnerable individuals and rob them of their freedom to be safe from harm despite the international and national laws that are in place.

Shawn Henry, former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI informed the public that the Internet, despite its contribution to knowledge, has many setbacks.

“At any given time, there are an estimated 750,000 child predators online — and they all have a key to your house via the Internet” (FBI News Video 2011, Shawn Henry).

It grants its users mobility and the ability to use more than one mobile device, thereby making it borderless and difficult for law enforcement to prosecute traffickers and buyers.

Moreover, if the sexual encounter is not recorded, it will be difficult to trace the IP address and to prove that a crime has been committed. and the Philippines collaborate with different sectors of civil society: parents, educators, children themselves, and law enforcement (including adequate resources) to prevent this crime from happening in the first place? Although this is great news for our fast-paced society, it also allows traffickers to recruit victims on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat, and Oovoo among many others by gaining their trust by posing as a child/teen with similar interests and problems.

Often the customers-- mostly Americans and Europeans--paid /minute for the girls to perform live sexual acts (web-cam sex) based on the customers’ typed requests transmitted via computers (de Leon 2013).

In the case of the three girls, who were eight years old when the abuse started, U. agencies, the Philippine National Police and the non-profit Visayan Forum Foundation received tips on one of their frequent customers, Jeffrey Herschell from Washington, Pennsylvania with the help of the victims.

The traffickers use this need to feel at home to target children who come from a troubled family life, poverty, abusive homes, and runaways.

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