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Considering the fairly short life cycle of most PC hardware and the variety of hardware that exists in most companies, this shortcoming limits the usefulness of disk-cloning software.

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I have not been changing drivers, I have used the command in building my answer file for sysprep to restore/keep current drivers.

Also, I do have a working image that was deployed to 3 computers already.

Disk-cloning software represents a major step in the evolution of OS deployment automation.

With disk-cloning tools, you can configure a master system, complete with configured OS and applications, create a binary image of the system installation (i.e., create a "picture" of the disk's contents), then duplicate that image on other systems.

No need to change drivers/applications if the systems are the same, but you should be changing SIDs.

Do you have a working image at the moment, or is this your first sysprep adventure? I keep restoring it after my failed trials of fixing my issue.

That image was somehow corrupted on my extrernal drive and lost. I had this issue however in the past with the first image, that is why I am led to believe this issue may be caused by a specific program on this new image that may/ may not have been on the older one. I am using the sysprep win7 for creating virtual machines in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 but having difficulty getting them to auto-join the domain.

My sysprep progression proceeds normally and completes. Hi all, So I recently bought a new CPU MB (going from AMD to Intel) to upgrade my system; everything else is staying the same. So I searched around and found out it was the WMP service preventing it from working.

First, these utilities require the reference machine (i.e., the machine from which you create the image) to have a virtually identical hardware configuration to the target machine (i.e., the machine that receives the image).

Otherwise, you're likely to see a blue screen when you start up the cloned machine.

I have recovered the of the image and found variations of this registry error.

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