Dating advice when to call her

Women want a challenge, so when a guy comes along who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and disagree with women it shows he’s a guy worth talking to. Wear items of clothing and jewellery that attract women and start conversations.Leather jackets, jewellery and tailored suits are a great place to start.

Not a good tone to set in a relationship, especially in the beginning.

You met a great woman on Friday or Saturday night, and followed Love Systems perfectly.

If she’s a stranger and you meet her in the day, “Hey, I know this is random but I just walked past you and thought I have to go back and talk to that girl.” But if you meet her in a bar there’s no need to mention any awkwardness.

Just “Hello” or “Hi, I saw you from across the bar.” is enough 😉 Tease her. In the split second it takes for her to realise you’re just teasing (and not insulting her) she experiences a massive feeling of euphoric relief.

Hold eye contact and tell her why you simply had to come say hello.

The best way to do this is with a genuine compliment. Tell her exactly why you approached her and be as specific if you can.

Use the first think you noticed about her that attracted you.

Perhaps it’s her her cute smile, her dimples, or if you see her a lot maybe this time her hair is tied back for the first time.

There’s that cliché in the movies where the girl is sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring, picking it up to make sure there’s still a dial tone. The most important overall note when it comes to answering the question “When Should I Call Her? Respect for yourself, respect for her, respect for your current life and respect for hers.

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