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Click here to get more details and learn how to apply for this and other balance transfer cards.

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In short, Full Pay is a benefit for cardholders to better manage their money, but there is no obligation to use this Blueprint feature.

The Split feature of Blueprint allows you to set up payment plans for larger purchases.

The actual amount will depend on your monthly payments and any additional charges to the card.

By transferring this balance, you’ll avoid interest for 15 months. As with most credit cards today, Chase uses a tiered pricing structure with this card.

Split allows you to set up a payment plan based on a set monthly payment or based on the number of months to pay off the balance in full.

And Chase has tools that will calculate this information for you online.

This is the only balance transfer credit card that offers this service.

The Finish It feature is similar to Split It, but it covers the entire card balance.

hase has upped the ante if you are in the market for a 0% balance transfer card.

Called Chase Slate, the card offers a broad range of benefits including a 0% APR introductory rate for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers.

This means that the interest rate applied to the Chase Slate depends on the applicant’s credit history and credit score.

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