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Lots of papers had their opinions and no one really prepares you for the press attention. She came into the show after having a really tough time coming out of her fourth marriage.

It was difficult for Joe as well because he is a very private person and doesn't like the attention. She was so nervous and insecure and it was my job to basically pick her up and make her feel fabulous again. It would take one bad judge's comment to make all the hard work that I had done slip away. Coming from a more theatrical, contemporary ballroom background rhinestones and fake tans were just non-existent.

R: I was on Dancing with The Stars in Australia and So You Think You Can Dance in Holland.

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It is something people thought your grandparents would do but thanks to all these TV shows, dance has become cool again.

The social scene for ballroom dancing keeps getting bigger. As it goes out live, is the atmosphere particularly nerve-wracking? You have a celebrity whose career is at stake and you have to make them ballroom dance in front of 12-15 million people.

It is technically not Siberia but that is where the papers say I am from. When I was 16 I started teaching alongside my dance teacher, taking some classes for her. Did you continue your education alongside your dance training? I don't really know why, I think it was to please my mum. The London Chat Show-Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor from Frank Soldato and Joe Pike on Vimeo. Then, when I started work, I would rehearse after hours till midnight or 1am and get up at 6am for my job. We have become the best of friends and love and respect each other.

I was very afraid of her boyfriend (Joe Calzaghe) in the beginning but he is an absolute sweetheart and we get on really well too.

According to director Richard Donner, “She walked into my office, read the scenes, and afterwards we had to resuscitate Mel.” The mutual admiration never went beyond the movie’s steamy love scene.

“We used to talk about Dan a lot,” says Ken-sit, 21—referring to her husband of 14 months, Dan Donovan, 26, the keyboard player with Big Audio Dynamite.He was never going to be a dancer but he was a comedian really.People know him as a political journalist but he is so funny.We actually all meet a month before the show starts and prepare all of our dresses in advance. Back in Russia I did a stage make-up course so I love being part of the fashion side of things. Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor have turned the likes of Patsy Kensit, Joe Calzaghe, Goldie and even John Sergeant into ballroom dancers on TV phenomenon Strictly Come Dancing.

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